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Services Offered
Choose one, or choose them all, we tailor services to YOUR business’ needs! Consistent recording and reporting methods, GAAP principles adhered to.


  • Niche bookkeeping services targeted to you business
  • Xero bookkeeping platform
  • Full Cycle Bookkeeping, Payables & receivables management
  • Bank Reconciliation

E-Commerce Bookkeeping

  • Set-up and maintenance

Tax Services

  • 1099 filing
  • IRS AFTR designee
  • Upfront pricing
  • Secure document sharing
“To me, tending my affairs is likened to studying for a high school exam. I’ve been away from high school for too many years and certainly have no desire to return, just to be sure that my bottom line is aligned with my business. Norma Mancini has stepped in and taken control of my business reporting needs and prevents me from overspending and losing control of my assets. She is strong in this area and alerts me of pending problems that would otherwise turn me upside down. Without her valued insight, I would be floundering like the freshman that I still am.”

~Dave G.

“I want to recommend Norma Mancini to help you improve how your business runs on a day to day basis. Norma is one of those people who listens and acts on your business needs. Norma is a professional who is honest, sincere and understands how to make sense of numbers–giving you time to focus on growing your business. Norma is wonderful, the type of person who cares about your soul, not just your business!”

~Lynne V.G.