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Cost & Pricing

Engaging Adelante will reduce your overall costs. Engaging Adelante is EASY, but this does not mean we are cheap! You get what you pay for—how often have we heard this? But it’s true…

Cost per use

Adelante Business Solutions, LLC offers virtual Tax, Bookkeeping and E-Commerce Bookkeeping Services at lower overall cost than an in-house employee.

A Full-time, full charge bookkeeper can make anywhere between $34,000 to $55,000 and up very generally in 2023 with exceptions made for education, certifications, etc. Tack on Employee related expenses (ERE), employer contributions for insurances and retirement plans, training, mileage reimbursements and those totals can very quickly climb to well over $60,000—on the low end of the spectrum!


Engaging Adelante means you will not be responsible for employee related expenses, or the Human Resources responsibilities/requirements mandated in your state associated with having employees. Additionally, you will not have to worry about individual hourly/salaried employee tax implications if you engage with Adelante Bookkeeping Services, LLC. Adelante works for a flat monthly fee, no overtime or quibbling over little details or how long a specific detail takes…we work until the issue is resolved to both our satisfaction!

Quality takes time and is never easy! Bookkeeping is a relationship business–it takes daily work and sometimes daily contact. You need to like and trust your bookkeeper foremost, if you don’t the business can suffer. Adelante is dedicated to our business relationships, you grow and prosper, Adelante grows and prospers…it’s that simple and easy! Adelante is part of your team!

Adelante Pricing:

Adelante does not post/advertise a price sheet for services. Why? Because each business is unique and has unique needs. Your business of 10 years may not have the same needs/requirements or customer counts as another 10 year old business. No two businesses are the same, why should pricing be the same?

Prior to engaging in a partnership with Adelante, we meet to discuss your business and its unique needs. A price proposal is built according to your unique business needs–each quote is different!

What is generally included in each Business Proposal?

  • Itemized cost proposal of individual business needs
  • Accounting software subscription estimate (if needed)
  • Software subscription set up (if needed)
  • Receipt Management subscription estimate (if needed)
  • Clean-up fees
  • Monthly service fees
  • Unlimited correspondence (no per phone call or per email charges) phone within established business hours and emails anytime. Responses from Adelante can be expected within 1 business day.
As a “business relationship partner” Adelante is with you every step of the way, ensuring business records are maintained, in order and clear for tax and banking purposes. Adelante takes care of the record maintenance, and you maintain control of business details with information accessibility anytime, anywhere!
“I strongly recommend Norma Mancini as a true professional. I have known her for over 20 years. She has managed over a million dollars in assets for me and has proven time and time again to be a very reliable professional who is very honest and trustworthy. Her competency in accounting is commendable. She has a special passion for detail and follow through. Her customer service and friendly “can do” attitude makes her a tremendous asset to any business.”

~Dan L.

“Adelant Business Solutions (A.B.S.) affords you the security of knowing that your business paperwork is on point. If you want to be able to leave the numbers and reconciliations to someone else–you can’t go wrong with A.B.S. Ms. Mancini is detailed, experienced and has the highest integrity and passion for helping get your business, finances, records and all accounting in check so that you can focus on the task of building and expanding your enterprise.”

~Yvette M.B.