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Boss Lady

Hi, I’m Norma, a Spanish bilingual with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Throughout my career, I was always interested in financial details, but never knew how to combine my interests and my practical experience. Once I became Chief Operating Officer for a non-profit organization I was able to work with full organization budgets, funding streams and the details that made up an organization’s ‘whole” picture….I saw the light and never turned back!

Adelante is a Spanish word meaning “Move ahead, move forward.” Fiscal organization is one piece of a business’ puzzle, let me help you and your business move forward….Adelante!

Why choose Adelante?

You are not visiting my website because of my sparkling personality or because you are curious about the snarky lass that I am! Bookkeeping, E-Commerce Bookkeeping Services and Tax Preparation are like owning a car. You generally know the foundation pieces of a car are gas, oil and maintenance, but you don’t necessarily know specifically where or how it all works together to keep your car moving forward. Your business is a car—bookkeeping, E-Commerce Bookkeeping Services and tax services are the foundation pieces of your business–your business needs these items completed correctly to keep moving forward.

Adelante will help you:

  1. feel in control of your finances.
  2. stop stressing about taxes.
  3. feel your business is organized.
  4. start paying yourself, so you can have financial freedom.