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Virtually moving your business forward with continuity and purpose.

Business Services for Chiropractors and Podiatric Medical Professionals.

Virtually moving your business forward with continuity and purpose.

Business Services for Chiropractors and Podiatric Medical Pofessionals

Business owners crave independence,

but if that independence is not supported/planned properly it will come at a steep price—-costing you time away from your business, your family, your life!

Bookkeeping is a business chore that needs to be done daily. However, “daily bookkeeping” can be overwhelming, and oftentimes gets put off to the end of the week where the bookkeeping becomes a bigger chore. Family, life and business marketing often cut into the time needed for weekly bookkeeping and results in a confusing ball of business muck that you don’t want to think about because you can’t remember the little details that will help you come out even every month! Playing “catch up,” is never fun but if you don’t deal with the bookkeeping, a cornerstone of any business, you will face expensive consequences at tax-time.

Adelante Bookkeeping Solutions can help move your business practice forward, starting with a simple 3 step format


Step 1

Align receipts with business transactions

Step 2

Align business transactions with bank records

Step 3

Organized records help you see where your money is going.
Adelante can help you with Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Preparation. The equation is easy:
Organized records + security = peace of mind/less stress—Success!

Expect 3 areas of improvement when you engage Adelante Services

Expense Control

Your business earns money, but you may not understand where the funds go or how the funds support your business. When you engage Adelante, we will meet (virtually) every month to help you understand what happens to your earnings and discuss ways to improve business functionality.


You may not know what the “Big 3” financial statements are yet, but you will! At Adelante we meet with business owners monthly to ensure you are reviewing and understanding these 3 critical financial statements to help you make the right decisions to project and ensure your business’ ongoing success.


Security is a huge topic personally and professionally. Security in the professional/business scope means ensuring your business Bookkeeping, E-Commerce Bookkeeping, and Taxes are secured from 2 basic types of theft, monetary and cyber.

  • Monetary Theft: In any business it is not best practice to have the same person writing checks and reconciling business accounts. Why? Maintaining a separation of duties is needed to ensure funds aren’t siphoned off and stolen from the business. Adelante helps maintain separation of duties to increase business security.
  • Cyber Theft: Business owners often operate under a misconception that Bookkeeping, E-Commerce Bookkeeping and Tax Services must be completed in person—NOT true. Many of us have family /friends, business/banking associates all over the country/world–we still trust and deal transactionally with them, right? Same theory for bookkeeping, payroll and tax services. At Adelante documents containing sensitive information are security encrypted and cloud-based, reducing risk of fraud.
“I am not someone who enjoys numbers! When you have a need for budget assistance and accounting, you want and need someone you can trust. Ms. Mancini is the epitome of professionalism and integrity. She will listen with intent and always ensure that the services you receive are what you need and will help you maximize your business and profits. With this pandemic, now more than ever, watching every dollar is critical. As my business grows, I will continue to seek Ms. Mancini’s valuable insight and assistance.”

~Margaret E.

“Ms. Mancini is the team player you want and need on your team to give you peace of mind, security and assurance that your business is heading in, has reached and will grow beyond your wildest dreams. You can trust Ms. Mancini to help financially guide you to meet your vision and your business financial goals.”

~Yvette M.B.